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Get Insights from PowerCare @ APEC 2024

Sharing the PowerCare concept - Fraunhofer's market novelty and contribution to sustainable electrification of industry with an intelligent & efficient drive inverter.

What we take home?

  1. GaN for global electrification - the hot topic got even hotter: To reduce CO2 emissions in electricity sector, power semiconductors made of gallium nitride will play an essential role. Doubling of global electricity demand by 2050 requires peak efficiency for power converters > 98 %. With the vertical design of GaN power semiconductors Fh ISIT presented a market novelty. 

  2. Real-time failure predictions - discredited due to complex implementation but still a trigger for innovation: Beside industrial drives, AI-based failure predictions (Predictive Maintenance, PdM) for electric motors and power modules gain interest for electric aircrafts, agriculture machines and other high voltage classes. However, feasibility in real-world scenarios are still seen critically. By developing an evaluated AI-pipeline for failure predictions, PowerCare aims to increase suitability for real-world applications (incl. signal noise, load fluctuations, etc.).

What you can take home?

Insights in our first project results:

PowerCare Pitch Presentation
Download PDF • 3.78MB

Fact & data sheets:

Info Sheet - PowerCare
Download • 1.28MB
AI for Embedded Systems (AIfES) - Fraunhofer IMS
Download PDF • 899KB
Download PDF • 782KB
GaN Technologies - Fraunhofer ISIT
Download • 3.40MB
Fab Spec Sheet - Fraunhofer ISIT
Download • 6.88MB

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