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Get Insights from PowerCare @ PCIM 2024

Updated: Jun 10

Power electronics based on gallium nitride (GaN) or silicon carbide enable more efficient and compact drives for industry and mobility - with particularly demanding requirements for dynamics and reliability. In the joint research project “PowerCare”, three Fraunhofer institutes combine their expertise to research a novel, miniaturized motor controller with integrated real-time failure prediction, yielding increased time-to-market for novel power electronics in mission critical applications. The custom controller combines integrated fault prediction for both the inverter electronics and the motor, utilizing a domain-specific RISC-V processor.

At PCIM we give an insight into the system concepts for modelling the degradation of power electronics and the motor in electrical drive systems. Additionally, opportunities and application scenarios of vertical GaN MOSFETs and intelligent motor controllers are highlighted, and initial development results are provided.

What we take home?

  1. Efficiency: GaN in FOC controlled motors - Reduced power losses in motors and less heat - Smaller passive elements (higher current-carrying capacity and switching frequencies) - Improved power quality (fewer harmonics)

  2. Reliability: Major challenges for Industry - Reliability and maintenance costs as main industrial restriction for novel power devices - Semiconductors and capacitors are most failure-critical, accounting for > 50% of unplanned maintenance costs)

What you can take home?

Insights in our first project results:

PowerCare Pitch Presentation
Download PDF • 3.78MB

Fact & data sheets:

Download PDF • 1.62MB

Download PDF • 1.81MB

AI for Embedded Systems (AIfES) - Fraunhofer IMS
Download PDF • 899KB

Download PDF • 2.88MB

Download PDF • 6.88MB

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