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Meet the PowerCare-Team at APEC 2024

Updated: Feb 24

Preparation with the PowerCare project team for our first key milestone and the upcoming Applied Power Electronics Conference (

Within PowerCare we aim to develop an intelligent power module with two innovations,

     1. novel vertical vGaN semiconductors and

     2. real-time AI failure models running locally on the module

to make industrial motors more resource-efficient and fail-safe.

Meet us at APEC 2024 from Feb 26-29 at our booth no. 2064, where we will exhibit our first interim results.

Documents and info sheets available at APEC:

Info Sheet - PowerCare
Download • 1.28MB

Info Sheet - PowerCare (fold)
Download • 1.65MB

GaN Technologies - Fraunhofer ISIT
Download • 3.40MB

Fab Spec Sheet - Fraunhofer ISIT
Download • 6.88MB

High Resolution PWM Controller - Fraunhofer IMS
Download • 3.06MB

AI for Embedded Systems (AIfES) - Fraunhofer IMS
Download PDF • 899KB

Download PDF • 782KB

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